Referral Program!

Did you know I have a referral program?! I do, I do! And it’s applicable to current and past clients! It goes like this; When you refer a friend, who books a session, you’ll both receive $25 towards the “Create A Collection” menu… it gets better….. there’s NO limit to how many friends you can refer! Amazing!  Referral program

How does it work? Well, you’ll receive your referral cards during your consult with your name already on the back… so all you have to do is give them to your friends! Make sure your friends bring their cards into their own consult and walla! Of course, when you’ve run out of cards, I’d be happy to give you more! ;D

Book your consult well in advance, preferably during your pregnancy, to give yourself enough time to build up some referral credits before your ordering appointment! To do that get in touch via the ‘Contact’ tab above or email me at!

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Referral Program!

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